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Dr. Foster and Staff: Thank you. Thank you for everything. To the staff, whether you are clerical, billing, administrative, physician’s assistant or other etc. THANK YOU. Individually and collectively, you are the most personable and efficient staff I have ever encountered. In todays’ work environment, too many individuals just “go through the motions”. Clearly not the case with you guys. From the time I enter your office to the time I leave, I’m treated with nothing but courtesy, professionalism, and respect. To Dr. Foster…. every professional whether a doctor, lawyer, dentist, engineer, etc. usually almost always place credentials or diplomas in a visible location for all to see. The only problem with that is you never know who graduated first in the class and who graduated last. It is evident to me from the way you have skillfully put “humpty dumpty” back together again several times, that you were at or near the top. THANK YOU! You are my Mt. Rushmore of doctors and surgeons. Hoping not to see you guys for a while, but should the need arise I know I’m in the best possible hands. Also, where else does one get to listen to Lake Blake when he’s getting his head put back together! Yours in good health,

Thank you for the skill and courtesy you showed me as a patient.

I had the balloon done and everything is good. My sinuses are more clear now and I can breathe better.

My Granddaughter had her ear Otoplasty by you. She went for years not showing her ears. She quit swim because her ears showed. Would not cheer because she had to pull her hair back. She didn’t show her ears to anybody. Now that you did her ears, all I see is a pony tail, her hair pulled back and she cannot wait to get her ears pierced so she can show them off. Thank you.

I have been a long time suffer of sinus problems. I have been living with nasal sprays for a long time. A few weeks ago I saw Dr. Foster with another bout of sinus problems. Dr. Foster suggested that I should have the sinus balloon done and it would help me. Having tried everything else, I agreed. What apositiive difference this has made. I can breathe easier and no more swallowing phlegm. I found Dr. Foster to be efficient and caring. The whole experience was positive and painless, and the office staff was friendly and accommodating. Again, thank you Dr. Foster for improving the quality of my life.
Jack B.

I came to Dr. Foster miserable with sinus infections after I had been treated with many antibiotics for many months. Once off the antibiotics, I would get real sick again. Eventually, Dr. Foster offered the balloon procedure to me.

I went through the procedure and was not sure it was going to work. But after a week or two I felt a big difference. I was relieved of my pressure and pain in my face and no longer had infection. I needed no more antibiotics because I did not get sinusitis again. Now I am months after the procedure and have not had any sinus problems or pain since the procedure. I no longer get sick from my sinuses. I am very happy I had the balloon done and highly recommend it if you have sinus problems.
Nancy D.

I used to wake up every morning uncomfortable and unable to breathe from sinus blockage. My whole day started badly, with failed attempts to clear my nasal passage each time I tried. Now after the balloon, I don’t need to do this anymore and I wake up feeling good.
Vincent P.

Since the procedure, I’ve been breathing through my nose for the first time in years. Now, weeks later, no snoring either!
Michael D.

It’s so nice not to have headaches anymore. I haven’t had a headache since the balloon procedure. It used to be every day, all the time. Thank you.
Maria Cameron

I thought that my “normal” was having to constantly manage my pain. When Dr. Foster told me I didn’t have to live with the significant issues I was having, I felt so relieved. He was right.
Marco P.

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